Dr. Kurt Bigler / Bergheimer Preis

Press Release


The prize of Dr. Kurt Bigler for excellence work and projects about Holocaust and shoa education is commited to Prof. Dr. Sabina Brändli (Zurich University of Teacher Education). On Thursday, 23.10.2014 the committal takes place. In a symbolical committal the donater, Dr. Margrith Bigler-Eggenberger and a representative of Tamach, Dr. Revital Ludewig, will hand out the two work of art.

For the press release and the photographies of the symbolical committal click here.

The next prize Award will take place in January 2016 at the Zurich University of Teacher Education (PH Zurich). You can find the application process for the 8th prize here.

Dr. Kurt Bigler / Bergheimer

1925 - 2007

How and why the Prize honoring Dr. Bigler/Bergheimer was established: It was the wish of the late Dr. Kurt Bigler (whose original family name was Bergheimer) to create a foundation to financially support projects or activities of a scientific, pedagogical, social or psychological nature examining the causes of the Holocaust as well as its aftermath, of anti-Semitism and/or racism. In addition the Prize should be awarded to work which has the excellence and capacity to be applied in schools, high schools, as well as universities and other institutions of higher learning in order to raise awareness for the causes of these enormous societal problems as well as to research preventive measures or coping strategies to overcome them.

The mandate of the foundation is going to be commited to the Zurich University of Teacher Education (PH Zurich) in the end of the year 2014. The prize will be granted twice.